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“I've lived and worked in Oakland for almost 40 years.”


"I endorse Dan because his actions have always matched his values."

– Dr. Rev. Harold Mayberry
Oakland Hills

“I’m excited to work for the campaign and get the word out on how we can change Oakland.”

– Catalina Garzón
North Oakland

“Oakland should be a sanctuary city that stands for immigrant rights.”

– George Galvis
Grand Lake

“I love Oakland’s diversity, working class feel, and amazing history.”

– Paul Brekke-Miesner

“Dan’s experience in education is what this city – and my family – needs.”

– Cat Brooks
West Oakland

“Food security is an important issue facing Oakland. Our health depends on it.”

– Micah Clatterbaugh
Lake Merritt

“Come out and join us on the campaign trail!”

– Breonna Arder
West Oakland

“Oakland is getting more and more expensive. As a renter, I worry about that.”

– Keith Spencer
West Oakland

“I’ve known Dan for over 25 years. He has devoted his life to promoting social justice.”

- Walter Riley

“Dan will fight for women’s rights.”

– Katrina Brekke-Miesner

“Public safety is the #1 issue affecting my family.”


“I believe Oakland should promote cutting edge artists to bring art to our neighborhoods.”

– Alyssa Chen
Oak Center

“Support the campaign in any way you can!”

–  Anshuman Duneja
Adams Point

“Dan is committed to promoting equality for everyone, no matter who they love.”

– Bobbi Lopez
North Oakland

“I know Dan better than anyone else, and I know he has the right ethics and drive to make real change for Oakland.”

– Anne Weills
East Oakland

"I need a mayor who is committed to raising the minimum wage."

- Al Marshall

“The future of Oakland’s economy depends on city leadership.”

– Sonya Mehta
Lake Merritt

“Transportation is an issue that affects all of us on a daily basis.”

– Jenna Spagnolo
West Oakland

“My friends and I are the future of Oakland.”

– DeVon Marshall

Dan Siegel Biopic

Who is Dan Siegel?

With one week to go until election day, November 4, make sure to take a look Dan Siegel, former student political organizer, current civil-rights attorney-at-law, and future Mayor of Oakland. What to know more? Take a look at the video by clicking here!

People Make History!

What this movement is all about!

As a former student political organizer, current civil-rights attorney-at-law, and future Mayor of Oakland, Dan Siegel has been part of a larger movement of people fighting for a peace of mind, political equality, and social and economic justice for all! Take a look at the video by clicking here!

Paid for by Dan Siegel for Mayor, 2014.
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