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“I've lived and worked in Oakland for almost 40 years.”


"I endorse Dan because his actions have always matched his values."

– Dr. Rev. Harold Mayberry
Oakland Hills

“I’m excited to work for the campaign and get the word out on how we can change Oakland.”

– Catalina Garzón
North Oakland

“Oakland should be a sanctuary city that stands for immigrant rights.”

– George Galvis
Grand Lake

“I love Oakland’s diversity, working class feel, and amazing history.”

– Paul Brekke-Miesner

“Dan’s experience in education is what this city – and my family – needs.”

– Cat Brooks
West Oakland

“Food security is an important issue facing Oakland. Our health depends on it.”

– Micah Clatterbaugh
Lake Merritt

“Come out and join us on the campaign trail!”

– Breonna Arder
West Oakland

“Oakland is getting more and more expensive. As a renter, I worry about that.”

– Keith Spencer
West Oakland

“I’ve known Dan for over 25 years. He has devoted his life to promoting social justice.”

- Walter Riley

“Dan will fight for women’s rights.”

– Katrina Brekke-Miesner

“Public safety is the #1 issue affecting my family.”


“I believe Oakland should promote cutting edge artists to bring art to our neighborhoods.”

– Alyssa Chen
Oak Center

“Support the campaign in any way you can!”

–  Anshuman Duneja
Adams Point

“Dan is committed to promoting equality for everyone, no matter who they love.”

– Bobbi Lopez
North Oakland

“I know Dan better than anyone else, and I know he has the right ethics and drive to make real change for Oakland.”

– Anne Weills
East Oakland

"I need a mayor who is committed to raising the minimum wage."

- Al Marshall

“The future of Oakland’s economy depends on city leadership.”

– Sonya Mehta
Lake Merritt

“Transportation is an issue that affects all of us on a daily basis.”

– Jenna Spagnolo
West Oakland

“My friends and I are the future of Oakland.”

– DeVon Marshall

Pastors Support Siegel

Pastors Of Oakland Support Siegel For Oakland!

From now until November 4, Dan will be visiting every neighborhood in Oakland to hear from you! Visit our Events page to find one near you.

Siegel v Old Tech

Creating high-speed communications and Internet!

Click here to read our latest policy platform!

Paid for by Dan Siegel for Mayor, 2014.
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